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about energy healing


“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” -Albert Szent-Győrgi (1960) 

Many believe that energy work is a “new-age” form of healing reserved for hippies and counterculture individuals, when in fact, energy healing modalities have been used by all cultures for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations, including those of Egypt, Babylonia, India, Iran, Greece, Rome, China, Aztecs, and Native Americans developed sophisticated schools of healing that drew upon wisdom traditions to train and initiate healers. Even Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, acknowledged the existence of the human biofield and referred to it as “the force which flows from many people’s hands.”

While there are many healing modalities, they all have a central concept and that is the use of perception of the human energy field and the use of touch and intention to affect change in the aura that extends beyond the human body.

Different techniques have been passed on from our ancestors, learned through those with supernatural abilities, found in countless books and theories, and even have been discovered through scientific methods. No matter the source, or whether they are taught formally or informally, they are used collectively to restore, regenerate, rehabilitate and heal what we cannot see.


heart-centered healing


While each session is uniquely tailored to each client, all sessions are approached from a heart-centered space.  It is within this vibration of  unconditional love and compassion that one uncovers the power that the human body holds to heal itself.  Through the innate healing ability of the heart chakra, I assist in balancing one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

 Energy work clears energetic blockages, balances and connects chakras, reduces stress and anxiety, assists meditation practice, reduces pain, provides insomnia relief, balances hormones and promotes self-awareness.  


about sara


At a young age, Sara recognized she was an empath, clairvoyant and clairsentient. Due to her religious upbringing, she suppressed her abilities. As she entered adulthood, she continued to conceal her gifts, until a faithful encounter while traveling changed the way she perceived metaphysics and the “mystical arts”. As Sara commenced her journey into motherhood, she faced a challenge that forever changed her – infertility. As a result of multiple pregnancy losses, disappointing western medical probing, and eventually, traumatic post-partum depression and anxiety, Sara fully emerged herself in alternative healing methods. Through her own journey to heal, Sara trained with shamans, prana healers, reiki masters, biomagnetic physicians, healing touch practitioners, psychics and mediums. This soulful voyage led Sara to search within herself, making her realize that we are not humans being spiritual, but spirits having a human experience. This recognition created a domino effect in Sara’s life which awakened her kundalini spirit and allowed her to submerge into helping others. 




remembrance + transformation [90 minutes] $144


This is an in-person intuitive healing.   We will discuss your areas of concern and their potential origins, cleanse and clear your auric field, activate and balance your chakra system. I will use a combination of Reiki, Healing Touch, oracle cards, crystals, oils,  and other intuitive energy healing techniques.   Any messages or themes that come through during your session will be discussed, along with regiments to maintain your spiritual care.  This includes messages from past lives, loves ones and from your guides. This is a re-introduction to yourself from the perspective of your inner light.  

intuitive + oracle spiritual consultation [45 minutes] $99



An intuitive spiritual reading using a combination of oracle cards and psychic mediumship. This is a candid conversation between you, myself and our spiritual tribe. During the reading we will identify two areas of concern, establish your goals and tailor the session around your desired result by addressing any blockages in your field.  This is for those that are yearning for a change and are ready to step into their power.  This session is held telephonically or in person.

HALO Hour: September 8, 2019 IG: @halo.hour


This is a high vibration, interactive group healing session divinely guided to release and introduce energy into our energetic field that will allow us to move forward more complete and secure in our journey.  Check my Instagram page for upcoming events!  

stay connected [30 minutes] $55


In between sessions, there is an integration period of new energy that can be difficult to navigate.  I offer thirty minute phone calls to answer any questions or discuss any issues that may be coming through.  This is especially great for those that are having lucid dreams or receiving affirmations and new assistance in dissecting the meaning of the messages coming through. Calls are held via phone, Facetime or Zoom.

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